What is Direct Sclerotherapy?

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Direct Sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating spider veins. A small amount of sclerosing agent is injected, which causes an irritation to the lining of these veins, ultimately sealing them shut. A small gauge needle is used to inject the agent. Most patients tolerate the treatment well and have satisfying results.

The number of treatment sessions needed for optimum results differs from patient to patient. An average of 2-3 sessions is needed in most cases.

While some of the smaller veins may fade away immediately, most of the veins may get darker at first, then fade over time (meaning they will look worse before they look better). You will get your full cosmetic result in 4-6 weeks, at which point you can decide if you will need another session. While the veins we have treated are now gone, your body may be prone to developing new spider veins in the future. A yearly “touch-up” is recommended.

You may return to work immediately following a session. You should avoid heavy impact exercising for one week. You will want to avoid tanning for at least one month. You can expect possible bruising for a few weeks after a session. An anti-inflammatory regimen and compression stocking use is recommended for 1-2 weeks for both comfort and best cosmetic result.

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